Monday, June 27, 2016

Jewelry Bracelets and Button Dangle Charms

One of the things I planned to do for a while now is make these bracelets and the button dangles. So much fun to make and so addicting that you can't stop at one! I wanted to Thank Martica Gonzalez for the inspiration. Her pieces are just beautiful and I want to practice to make mine just as beautiful. Practice makes perfect right? The bottom ones are button charm dangles. What better way to use all those buttons we have in your stash. Just add some glassbeads to a chain, a charm and the most important the buttons. Have fun and enjoy!


  1. Hi there! I just recently subscribed to your channel on You-Tube and decided to check out your blog. I love watching your videos, you're an inspiration. You make such beautiful things and I love to follow your penpalling. I also have penpals and it's something I have been doing since I was a teenager (I am now 46). My 14 year old son also has autism so I know it can be challenging. TFS all your crafty goodness! :) Jacqueline

    1. Hello Jackie! Thank you for subscribing to my channel and checking out my blog. Your so sweet. Thank you for your kind words! Yes, At times it can be challenging as you already know. Creating and sharing is my escape and penpalling is my new addiction. Are you joining me? LOL! Much love, Nery

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