Monday, June 27, 2016

Jewelry Bracelets and Button Dangle Charms

One of the things I planned to do for a while now is make these bracelets and the button dangles. So much fun to make and so addicting that you can't stop at one! I wanted to Thank Martica Gonzalez for the inspiration. Her pieces are just beautiful and I want to practice to make mine just as beautiful. Practice makes perfect right? The bottom ones are button charm dangles. What better way to use all those buttons we have in your stash. Just add some glassbeads to a chain, a charm and the most important the buttons. Have fun and enjoy!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Pen Pals... Thank you Tennessee! Hello New York!

   It's been a while since I have written here. Well that's about to change. Many things are changing within my life including the change from Tennessee to New York. I discovered that even though the state of TN was beautiful and all, it was not giving me what I came there for or what was promised for my daughter. Sad indeed but I am truly grateful that I did get to live in a beautiful state and I am here now and discovering that if it wasn't for me living in Tennessee I would have not met and become friends with so many talented artist and crafty friends.
    As you all here might know by now my daughter is with Autism or has Autism...Every state has there own way of calling it. I say she has Autism because I am still trying to kick it's but out of her. Denial you say? Yes, I was in TN. for a few years. Tired of fighting to get services I turned to crafting just to escape the fact we were on a waiting list of 1,500 other children before her. This is when I was taken to another world. People from around the world just creating beautiful art and sharing it with others thousands of miles away. I fell into the rabbit hole and was caught up into it too. This made me happy but I came to realize just last year I was in denial. I have left the Autism world and tried really hard to make my daughter fit into this so called world. We had an emergency move this March and had no choice to move to New York. A state I left when I was 30. A little overwhelmed with the move and so scared for my daughter on how she might react leaving. It's funny how only the first day here my daughter could not be any happier.  I am happy I'm with my family again and that my daughter has all the services she needs and you can see it in her eyes. But really, in my heart I thank Tennessee for opening my eyes and introducing me to the crafty community. The picture above are pen pal letters just written this week that have been sent out to a few friends out of state and on the other side of the world. Thank you Tennessee! Hello New York!

Friday, February 12, 2016